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Animal Art & Pet Portraiture

I offer work in a range of media and styles, and each combination I offer produces a different effect - from photo-like realism in full colour to effective, eyecatching black-and-white work. If you are unsure which style of piece you would like, please don't hesitate to contact me and send along some photos of your subject - I'd be more than happy to advise!


To see the different styles of work I offer, please see the Galleries.


Please Note, on subjects - I am primarily an animal artist, and I would like to work within and to the best of my capabilities at all times, if possible; I do not feel comfortable offering to draw or paint subjects with which I have not had sufficient practice. Therefore if you would like a painting featuring a person, or an automobile, or a landscape, I would strongly advise finding an artist who specialises in that particular field. I'm afraid I do not at this time include human subjects in my animal portraits. If you would like a piece to include both animal and human subjects, I can pass you on to an artist friend of mine who does similar work, and is happy to draw both people and animals.

Artwork featuring Pets

* Deposits and Payment

If you would like a painting of a pet or an animal you know, I will need to work from photographs.


Where possible, visits can be arranged for me to come and photograph the subject myself. This way I can capture a range of high-quality images on a digital SLR camera, which can be viewed instantly and discussed with you so we can find a suitable image or images for me to work from.


Where this is not possible, photographs can either be sent to my home address and I will send them back with the finished painting or, much preferable to this (for both of us!), digital photographs or scans can be emailed to me. The more photographs you have for me to see, the better, as this will aid me in giving the truest likeness possible.


Please Note: Due to copyright issues, I cannot work from photographs taken by professional photographers without their written permission. If the photos you would like me to use were not taken by you, please pass on the photographer's email address or other contact details so I may ask their permission for use of the images.

A deposit of 25% is required on confirmation of an order. The deposit secures your place on the Waiting List. An order cannot be placed on the list until the deposit is received. The deposit is non-refundable. The remainder of payment, including the postal/shipping cost, is due on completion of the piece.


I accept payment via Paypal, bank transfer, or (for UK customers only) personal cheque. Cheques sent through the mail are sent at your own risk.


Payments in installments can be arranged. Please contact me for more details.

I only require a deposit* of 25% of the portrait price in order to add you to the Waiting List.

The remainder of payment is not required until the work is complete.

(The deposit is required on confirmation of booking to secure an addition to the waiting list.)


I am based in the UK, however I will ship my work internationally - my work resides in homes all over the world.


If you are interested in commissioning me, please use the form on the Contact page, shown in the bar along the top.


Very Important:

Please make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions page, and all the Commission Information below, if you would like to commission me for a piece.

Payment of a deposit will signify your agreement to the Terms and Conditions.

Postage / Shipping / Collection of Artwork

Collection of artwork can be arranged within the UK.

Personal delivery of artwork may be arranged locally within the UK, subject to an extra charge dependent on client location.


Outside the UK, or where collection is not otherwise possible, the artwork will be posted or shipped to the recipient.  Postage and shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer, and are not included in the price quoted for the artwork.

The postage/shipping costs include a small amount to cover packaging.


All work is shipped fully insured for the total value. I use tracked and signed-for options wherever possible.

Commission Information

I have a waiting list for commission work. This means I cannot begin an order straight away once it is confirmed. As of April 2018, the waiting list time is 13 months, however this is changeable. I will always try to honour birthday etc deadlines if I can - however please bear in mind this may not always be possible, especially at short notice.


If you need a piece completed for a specific date, eg. a birthday, please make sure you let me know well in advance,

or I may not be able to honour the deadline date!

Types and Styles of Work

Waiting List Times

Framed example of pet portrait by Amanda Drage Art

Current Status:  Now accepting bookings for 2020