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Equine Art

Equine art is my first love - it is a subject I will never tire of. I enjoy capturing the beauty of the horse in many different media, including graphite pencil, oil paint and - more recently - soft pastel and coloured pencils. I primarily aim for realistic depictions, but occasionally veer off that track into more impressionistic or colourful styles. As well as the standalone pieces below, I have a few ongoing Series, which are documented further down the page.


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Spectrum Series

Exuberance Series

Miniature Speedpaint Series

The Spectrum series is an ongoing project consisting of equine paintings with plain backgrounds in varying block colours. Borne from the need to create a traditional series with an edge, each painting in the series is on box canvas in square format, and the paintings feature close crops and compositions that deliberately sit slightly unconventionally in the space. My hope is to one day exhibit them all together!

"Exuberance" began as one piece done as a stress-reliever in oil pastel with acrylic accents, and developed from this first experiment into an ongoing series, moving onto acrylic and then oil paintings. I have always focused on representing the equine in a realistic way, and I wanted to introduce strong colour, both complementary and clashing, to emphasise mood and energy. These pieces are an expression of the joy of the unbridled horse, revelling in its freedom and the inherent wildness that is present even in the most domesticated equine.

This is an ongoing series of fast, loose paintings, no larger than 7x10", and each typically taking around 3.5 hrs maximum. Although I am always working towards realistic paintings, recently I have also become drawn to work done in a looser style that nevertheless consists of carefully considered and placed brushmarks and economy of markmaking, resulting in an effortless appearance, yet with an undeniable element of realism. Hence this series began, as an improvement project of sorts. These have proven very popular, and all eleven so far have sold, or been gifted or traded away.