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If payment is not completed in the agreed time period inclusive of any agreed extension, and the work is complete, the sale will be cancelled.

Any remaining monies to be paid will be cancelled. Any monies already paid will not be refundable.


If the client decides the piece is no longer wanted or required and work has begun, the artist reserves the right to keep any monies already paid, according to the proportion of work done.


If the client decides the piece is no longer wanted or required and work has not begun, the artist reserves the right to keep the deposit.


The artist reserves the right to complete the work, exhibit and re-sell, where appropriate (for example where the finished painting is reworked so as to no longer  resemble the pet or animal it was originally painted to depict).

Copyright and Use of Commissioned Images

Under all circumstances, the copyright of the finished artwork is retained by and remains with the artist.


The finished artwork may be used by the client for display and personal enjoyment only.


No prints or copies shall be made, or profit gained in any way, from the finished artwork by the client, without the express written permission of the artist.


The artist retains the right to use the image for advertising artistic services, through printed adverts (e.g. flyers) and digital/social media (e.g. Facebook).

Terms and Conditions

Payments and Postage of Work

Non-completion of Payments

The final balance of payment is due on completion of the work. Clients are to pay the final balance within one week of the completion date, unless another payment date has been discussed and agreed prior.

Where payment cannot be completed in this time, an extension may be granted, at the artist's discretion.


In the case of installment payments, where payment cannot be completed within the agreed time period, an extension may be granted at the artist's discretion.


Under no circumstances will any work be posted or shipped out until the whole payment (including the cost of postage/shipping) has been received in full.

Below is a list of Terms and Conditions regarding commissioning a pet portrait or other piece of artwork from Amanda Drage Art.

Please make sure you read through these points carefully, and that you agree to them, if you are interested in commissioning work.


Payment of a deposit signifies your agreement to the following Terms and Conditions.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me using the Contact link in the top bar. Thank you for reading.

Portraits and Other Commissions: Extra Charges

Prices for commissioned work are as listed on the Pricing page; however, anything that increases the preparation or working time considerably will need to be charged accordingly. An extra charge will need to be applied under the circumstances listed below.

Any extra charges will need to be agreed by both client and artist before a deposit for a booking can be taken.


Photo Composite Charge - In most instances I am able to work from just one or two photos. When photos must be combined in a more complex way to create a suitable portrait, or a new pose must be devised from a combination of several reference photos (eg. using different photos for the head, body, legs of the subject), this charge will apply.

Photo composite charges will be calculated in proportion to the extent of extra time and work required, at the discretion of the artist.


Extra Elements Charge - My standard Pricing is based on a bust or full body portrait of one or more animal subjects. Backgrounds or other "extra elements" (such as a large patch of grass, or an object which will take up considerable space on the paper or canvas) will warrant an extra charge of £20 per hour.


Alteration Charge - I make every effort to ensure the client is happy with all aspects of the proposed piece before I begin by creating initial sketches and mockups, and throughout the progress, by way of regular updates and photos of the progress of the piece. However sometimes certain aspects need reworking during the process. Most alterations are easily fixed (eg hue changes, moving small portions). These are classed as minor alterations, and no extra charge is necessary.

Should any major alterations (eg structural changes) be required once work has begun, the time taken will warrant an extra charge.

Flat rate is £25 per alteration. More extensive alterations will be at higher cost.

Termination of the Work by the Artist

The artist reserves the right to terminate the commission agreement, either prior to commencing or during the process of carrying out the work, for any reason, including but not limited to repeated rudeness in correspondence, failure to accord with the above terms, unreasonable requests or demands to the artist, threatening language or behaviour, or any form of harassment.


All text on this Terms & Conditions page is © Amanda Drage Art.

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