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"Catching The Light"

2019 Solo Exhibition

Catching The Light (2019) showcased a themed collection of contemporary animal and bird portraits with exploration into colour, pattern, and mark-making.

The exhibition was held at the Rooftop Arts Centre, Corby.



Press Release:

"In this collection of paintings I have introduced elements of patterning, experimented with markmaking, and worked with gold, silver and copper painted accents.

Each painting is circular, which has given me an opportunity to create some striking and interesting compositions. My animal paintings have always had a strong emphasis on portraiture. I try to go just a little beyond a straightforward depiction of an animal. My aim is to capture something of a story within the expression of an animal - a fleeting look, a question, or something we can identify with in some way.


I've called the collection Catching the Light because that's exactly what these paintings do - the metallic flourishes and patterns in the backgrounds of the paintings catch the light as you move around them.

I've very much enjoyed exploring patterns and design ideas, although it's not always been straightforward. Several of the paintings involved quite a bit of forward planning, with a few trial runs to work out how to achieve a particular effect. Equally a lot of it has been about going with the flow, experimenting with tools and seeing where I end up.


It's been a lot of fun to work on this series, and I'm very excited to see all the pieces in the collection hanging together at the Rooftop."


"Catching The Light"

A collection of animal and

bird paintings

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Images of all 18 paintings beautifully presented in a keepsake exhibition catalogue

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