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Commission Information & FAQs

Current Status:   Closed for new bookings

~ Fully booked until mid 2025 ~


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Do you have a waiting list?

I have a waiting list for commission work. This means I cannot begin an order straight away once it is confirmed. Each new booking is added to the end of the list.
My waiting list is usually over 12 months, but can be variable. Please check the top of this page for an up-to-date status.



When can I make a booking?

As my waiting list is often quite long, I choose to keep the books closed for most of the time. I accept bookings periodically, usually at least once a year.

Whenever the books are opened and I'm once again accepting bookings, I make an announcement via my Email Newsletter first. If you'd like to be one of the first to know when I'm accepting bookings, you can subscribe to my Newsletters.

This is followed by announcements here on the website, and on my Facebook page.

How do I make a booking?

If my books are open, you can contact me to make a booking. Once we have discussed what you would like and a price is agreed, the order can be confirmed and placed on the waiting list.

A non-refundable* deposit of 25% is required on confirmation of an order. 

The deposit secures your place on the waiting list. An order cannot be placed on the list until the deposit is received.

Payment of a deposit will signify agreement to my Terms & Conditions.


(* See my Terms & Conditions page for further information.)

What are the options?

For commissioned artwork, I offer three choices of medium: Pastel Portraits (in colour), Tonal Sketches (in black-and-white), and Oil Paintings. Each of the three options have their own pricing scale.


See the full price list

If you are unsure which medium option you would like for your artwork, please don't hesitate to contact me and send along some photos of your subject. I'd be more than happy to advise - with no obligation to book.

What size will my portrait be?

My portraits are priced according to size. There are a selection of sizes to choose from - whether you'd like a small keepsake to pop in a frame for the mantel, or a larger statement piece for that empty wall.

Just be sure to remember that the sizes I offer refer to the dimensions of the paper before a frame. Whatever frame you choose, it will likely add at least another 3 to 4 inches all the way around the piece. This is something to bear in mind if you require your artwork to fit in a nook, or a spot on the wall where space is limited.

What subjects do you draw?

I am primarily an animal artist, and I would like to work within and to the best of my capabilities at all times, if possible; I do not feel comfortable offering to draw or paint subjects with which I have not had sufficient practice. If you would like a painting featuring a person, or an automobile, or a landscape, I would strongly advise finding an artist who specialises in that particular field. I'm afraid I do not at this time include human subjects in my animal portraits. If you would like a piece to include both animal and human subjects, I may be able to recommend an artist friend of mine who does similar work, and is happy to draw both people and animals.

Where are you based? Will you ship artwork overseas?

I'm based in Northamptonshire, in the UK. My artwork can be shipped to many countries, including the United States, and Canada.

There are some countries I regrettably cannot ship to at this present time. Please get in touch if you'd like clarification on whether I can send artwork to your specific location.

Do you work from photos?

If you would like a painting of a pet or an animal you know, I will need to work from your photographs of them. The more photographs you have for me to see, the better, as this will aid me in giving the truest likeness possible. Photographs taken on a digital camera or a smartphone are ideal.
Most clients choose to send their own digital photographs or scans to me by email. If you do not have any digital photographs, you are welcome to send hard copies to me through the post, and I can then send them back with the finished artwork.
(Please Note that if you choose to send photos through the post, I recommend using a secure service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery. Photos are posted at your own risk.)


It is strongly recommended that the photographs you send me are of high quality. They need to be clear and bright with facial details visible, with the subject in full frame, and a good large size - preferably the original image size directly from your camera card, or your phone's photo gallery (so no screenshots or filtered photos). The higher the quality of the reference material, the better position I will be in to produce a true-to-life representation of your pet.
If you would like to take a set of photos for the purpose of the portrait, I would be happy to pass on some tips for taking suitable images.


If you are concerned about getting photographs that will be suitable, a visit can be arranged for me to come and photograph the subject myself, dependent on your location. This way I can capture a range of high-quality images on a digital SLR camera, which can be viewed instantly and discussed with you so we can find a suitable image or images for me to work from.
(This service is at cost. See my Terms & Conditions page for more details.)

Important Note about photos taken by professional photographers:
Due to copyright, I cannot work from photographs taken by professional photographers without their written permission. If the photos you would like me to use were not taken by you, please pass on the photographer's email address or other contact details so I may ask their permission for use of the images.

How and when do I pay?

As outlined above, 25% of the cost of the portrait is paid on confirmation of a booking, as deposit. The remainder of payment, including the postal/shipping cost, is due on completion of the piece.

I accept payment via Paypal or bank transfer.
I can also accept a personal cheque (from UK customers only), however please be aware that cheques sent through the mail are sent entirely at your own risk.

What if I'm not happy with my portrait?

Most of the time this can be fixed with a small adjustment or two. In the unlikely event that you are completely unhappy with your portrait and I am not able to adjust it to your satisfaction, the order can be cancelled and any payment made after the deposit will be refunded.

(Please see my Terms & Conditions page for more details.)

How do I receive the finished artwork?

Collection of artwork can be arranged within the UK.
Personal delivery of artwork may be arranged locally within the UK, subject to an extra charge dependent on client location.

Outside the UK, or where collection is not convenient, the artwork will be posted or shipped to the recipient.  Postage and shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer, and are not included in the price quoted for the artwork.
The postage/shipping costs include a small amount to cover packaging time and materials.

All work is shipped fully insured for the total value. I use tracked and/or signed-for options wherever possible.

Packages going outside the UK may be liable for import duties. Please ensure you have checked the customs and import information for your country. Any charges levied are outside of my control, and will be your responsibility to pay.

What happens if my portrait is lost or damaged in the post on its way to me?

Should this happen, I will be happy to re-do the portrait if you wish, at no extra cost. Although I will endeavour to re-do the portrait at the soonest convenience, due to other commitments I may not always be able to do this straight away.

(Please see my Terms & Conditions page for more details.)

Will the portrait be framed?

I do not currently offer a framing service for my portraits.
I do provide a customer care leaflet with some pointers for framing and hanging, plus a small leaflet stating the materials used which you can give to your framer if you wish.
I am of course always happy to give advice about framing your portrait if you need it.

If you are in the Northants or Leicestershire area, I can highly recommend On The Edge Picture Framing & Art, a local framing studio who I personally like to use for my own works.  

Anything else I need to know?

Before booking a portrait, please do take a moment to read my Terms & Conditions. Payment of a deposit will signify your agreement to the Terms & Conditions.

Have another question about the commission process that I haven't answered here?
Feel free to get in touch!
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