Commission Pricing for 2020

A few things to note:


Additional charges may apply under some circumstances (eg. for more complex portraits).

Please see the Terms & Conditions page for more information.

Prices quoted on this page do not include postage/shipping costs.


Framing is not included with a portrait.

Prices quoted on this page are subject to change at any time.  

(However once a deposit is paid your quoted price will not change.)

Colour Portraits in Pastel Pencil

By far the most popular choice with clients, these drawings are in full colour with stunning depth and detail.

There is a choice of two surfaces for these portraits - Velour Paper and Sanded Paper. The price is the same for either paper choice.

Please let me know at time of booking if you have a preference.

If you are not sure which of the two options to go for, I am happy to advise!

If you have no preference, I will choose based on what I think may suit best.

For more info on the differences between the two, see this page:

Velour or Sanded?

Click through the images to see a selection of Pastel Pencil portraits.


Tonal Sketches

Tonal Sketches are a simple and beautifully effective choice for a portrait.


They are drawn in black-and-white, using charcoals and pastels, on a mid-toned high quality pastel paper.

The paper has a slight texture, leading to expressive marks which give a classically artistic feel to the portrait.


Owing to the nature of charcoals, these portraits are less finely detailed than my colour pastel portraits - however the effect is bold and striking.

Click through the images to see a selection of Tonal Sketch portraits.

Oil Paintings

My oil-painted portraits are energetic and characterful, with an emphasis on colour and expressive brushwork.

Many layers can be built up, to achieve beautiful depth and luminosity that is unrivalled by any other medium.

I can paint a portrait onto either a hand-finished panel, or a ready-to-hang canvas.

(I can often work to a larger size than those stated in the price list below. Please do enquire if you think you would like a larger "statement" painting.)

Click through the images to see a selection of portraits in oils.


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