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Velour Paper or Sanded Paper?

There are two surface choices for my pastel pencil portraits.

What's the difference between the two?


Hopefully this comparison will help you to decide which look you will prefer for your portrait.

But don't worry if you can't decide, I'm always happy to advise - and if you have no preference either way, I will pick according to where my artist heart takes me!

Velour Paper

This combination of materials and surface is perfect for creating a realistic effect of soft fur texture.

The high-quality Velour Paper is thick and has a velvety feel. The particular technique I use on this surface has been carefully developed.

There is a soft, classic look to Velour Paper portraits that is just a little bit different to the usual, and it remains the most popular choice with clients.

Click through the images to see a selection on portraits on Velour Paper.

Sanded Paper

An alternative option for pastel portraits that gives a slightly different look compared to the Velour.

The sanded paper surface gives crisp, expressive marks, contrasting with softly blended areas to mimic fur textures.

The possibility for strong, vibrant colour and the option to add coloured backgrounds lends a slightly more contemporary feel to these portraits.

Click through the images to see a selection on portraits on Sanded Paper.

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