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Animal Art & Pet Portraiture

I have been offering Pet Portrait commissions for a few years now. I have produced many treasured portraits commemorating the lives of pets past and present, loved, and sometimes lost.


To create my portraits, I work from photographs. Before beginning I will study and sketch the photos closely, in order to get a feel for the animal's shape, form and personality. The work itself is done with care and attention paid to each and every pencil-stroke or brushmark. Special consideration is paid to the eyes, going beyond what can be seen in a photograph, to bring life and vibrancy. All this comes together to create a beautifully detailed, emotive piece, with depth and texture, that really brings the animal and his/her character to life on the paper.

My name is Amanda Drage, and I work as a professional animal artist. I spend most of my days creating portraits of much-loved pets for devoted owners both locally and internationally.


As well as pet portrait commissions, I also spend time creating my own original animal artwork, which is often available to purchase. My own development and explorations as an artist are extremely important to me, and I feel strongly that by working on personal pieces alongside commission work, my scope as an artist will continue to broaden, and this will greatly benefit all aspects of my work.



I use the highest quality materials to produce my work. This ensures that, with care, it will last for many years to come.

As well as portraits of pets who are still with us, I have created many tributes to pets who have passed on. I deal with these portraits sensitively, and the results have always been very gratefully (and sometimes emotionally!) received.


I have created many portraits as surprise or secret gifts. The comments, emails and handwritten thank-you cards recieved from recipients are testament to the quality and accuracy of my work, and the personality I am able to capture by working from just a few photographs.


I am happy to say my work is enjoyed internationally - my portraits have gone on to hang on walls all over the world, and my original work also has collectors worldwide.

A portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier by Amanda Drage Thank You cards sent to Amanda Drage Artist


High Quality, Hand-Drawn Portraits

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